Thursday, April 14, 2005

Another gratuitous attack on pit bulls

Whiskey Bar, at

gratuitously slurs pit bulls by comparing them to Dick Cheney. I love Billmon and am a regular reader of the blog, but this time he has gone too far. Pit bulls are lovable and amiable and would never exploit their lesbian daughters for political gain. No pit bull has ever used a position of trust to enrich its business associates at the expense of the public. No pit bull has ever badly served his company's shareholders by incompetently buying an asbestos tainted company with no apparent due diligence. No pit bull has ever participated in lying his country into an unjust war for the enrichment of his rich friends and then f***ing it up through arrogance and ineptitude.

Pit bulls are due an apology, Mr Billmon. Cheney does not even look like a pit bull. He lacks their noble bearing and guileless simplicity.

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