Sunday, May 09, 2010

Screw Global warming; It Will Screw Us Soon Enough

What can be done about Global Warming? At this point, probably not much. We should have started working on this 30 years ago, but we didn't and now it is too late to prevent disastrous climate change. About all we can do is to hope to slow it down, ameliorate its impacts, and adapt to a hotter and less human friendly planet.

There is likely to be extensive desertification and a breakdown of the Monsoon Cycle with resultant widespread famine, war and misery. Africa, already as miserable as one would think it could get, is going to get even worse.

On the plus side, that American obesity problem is going to go away with food shortages. And Social Security won't need as much money because folks will die a lot sooner. Good news for "family values" Republicans! Families will be strengthened because we'll have to pool our resources and cooperate for our very survival. The Middle East won't hate us for our freedom anymore, because we won't really have any.

It may be a good time to invest in the things that folks will need in the postapocalyptic dystopia. I'm thinking old timey farm implements and draft animals and kits for making bullets.

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Doctor Lenny said...

Hi Vache,
There is no such thing as global warming. Gaia is suffering hot flashes as part of her going into menopause, the result of which will be something completely different than what most of us expect. Fortunately, i have watched enough Monty Python to know that the penguin on the tele does indeed explode.
Thus i invite you to survey my existence website, which i hope to make into a community building survival game.

At this point - it is just a virtual village - but the examples are true to life things that we have done in the past year. Come howdt to Oregon and visit.

Dr. Lenny Thyme