Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Sermon Takeaway

Our prophetic back up pastor preached today, always a treat. He preached on the temptation of Christ by the devil after fasting in the wilderness. He pointed out that The Holy Spirit led Jesus to the devil and that the temptation was not so God could make sure Jesus was ready. It was so Jesus would know He was ready. The devil was just doing his job.

Anyway, the point of the tests as they apply to us was trust in God and God's plan whatever that may be. The preacher asked us to consider whether we were living out all that God wanted us to be. I know what he was getting at, but it didn't entirely make sense from a Calvinist perspective. Of course I'm everything I am supposed to be. I hope that I will be better in the future, but that's not up to me now, is it?

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