Monday, February 01, 2010

More Youth as National Security Concerns

While we are training teens for military duty, we should also recognize that other aspects of their health are matters of national security. Accordingly, youngsters should be provided with regular physical examinations free of charge at military entrance and examination stations. Moreover, illnesses and injuries that do not disqualify a youngster for service should be treated at the expense of the DoD. We want potential soldiers to be both fit and healthy when they reach enlistment age.

Since the health and fitness of youth are matters of national security, football playing should be discouraged or even outlawed. The risk of injury is too great, and the benefits of football playing are negligible and can be derived from other less stupid sports. Football could be replaced with the military pentathlon to the benefit of the nation.

Driver training should also be handled by the DoD. Safe handling of vehicles is critical to preserving the health and safety of future soldiers. Also, youth could be trained to operate various military vehicles as a head start on BT.

School lunches could also be handled by DoD as part of the effort to build fitter youth for America's defense.


Mike Gogulski said...

Complete agreement. There must also be added to the high school curriculum a mandatory semester-long elective: "Torture".

Vache Folle said...

Mike, we had that in our high school, only we called it Mr Denman's Geometry class.