Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Stream of Consciousness

I set up a Facebook account. It's a little overwhelming getting in touch with so many long lost schoolmates and finding out what became of them. It has set me to thinking how rare it is to make friends later in life like the ones you made in school. I should have kept them better. I should try to be a better friend, or any kind of friend for that matter, to my current acquaintances. I probably won't, though. I'll just continue to be socially phobic and then beat myself up about it from time to time.

I retained a personal trainer at my new gym, and I'm pleased with the help he has given me. I'm doing the Nautilus circuits and cardio on an elliptical machine. My new gym has trainers who set the machines for you, so that takes some time off the workout. I haven't been as often as I would like, but I have been dealing with a severe allergy attack that began when we went to Europe in November and has not let up since.

I consulted an allergist and am scheduled for testing so I can get shots. I am going crazy with the constant sneezing and snot production. It used to be seasonal, but now it's perpetual. People must think I'm a coke head what with all my sniffling and nose blowing. Allergies also trigger my COPD since snot gets in my lungs while I sleep, tiny invisible animals and plants set up housekeeping in the lung snot, and I end up with bronchitis. It's chronic bronchitis because I get it multiple times a year.

Looking back on the treatment I have received over the years for COPD, I am convinced that it was fruitless. It started with a pulmonologist who prescribed steroids and then had me come in at intervals for pulmonary function tests. Of course, when I have bronchitis, my lung capacity is reduced since I can't blow in the machhine without a coughing jag. When I don't have bronchitis or an allergy attack, I breathe much better. Later, my primary doctor put me on allergy pills since he perceived a connection between the allergies and the bronchitis. These were utterly ineffective. No amount of Claritin or Allegra stemmed the flow of snot and sneezing fits I would have from time to time and that I now have all the time. That my doctor never suggested getting allergy treatments is a mystery to me. Anyway, I am hopeful that this new initiative will avail.

I am trying to get up the nerve to get laser surgery for my eyesight. I am very sensitive about stuff touching my eyes so I know I would be terrified during the procedure. Mrs Vache Folle had it done fifteen years ago in Vancouver (it wasn't approved in the US then) and has been elated with the results. She went from near blindness to almost perfect vision overnight. I'm a chicken.

I had to get my eyeglass frame replaced, and I was a little put out to discover that the frames are from the ladies' section. They didn't seem particlularly feminine to me when I bought them, but now I'm just a wee bit self conscious about them. Silly? Yes.

I went to the Bass Outlet and stocked up on sweaters. They were hugely discounted.

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