Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts Hates America, But That's OK

Massholes went and elected a Republican temp for the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat. I don't reckon this did any harm other than to the reputation of Massachusetts. He'll have to pretend to be not crazy if he wants the seat for a full term, and that will put him in a bad way with the wingnuts.

As for the loss of the filibuster proof 60 vote supermajority, the Democrats never had it. Lieberman was never to be relied on, and there were enough Blue Dogs to do the GOP's job even with 60 votes in the caucus. Maybe this will allow the Democrats to kick Lieberman to the curb where he belongs.

What will come of health care reform? Maybe the House will go ahead and pass the Senate bill and work out the kinks in reconciliation. Maybe it will just die and the process will have to start over. For political fun, I'd like to see the Democrats take a mulligan and let the GOP look obstructionist.

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