Friday, January 22, 2010

Politics on FaceBook

I've had some hilarious discussions in comment threads on FaceBook with friends of friends. One woman who reckons the Democrats are Marxists and called me crazy for pointing out that some Tea Party Patriots have dodgy connections, wrote that she didn't know enough about the Neo-nazis to decide whether they were too radical for her. Another woman insisted that Obama has never used the word terror or terrorist and, therefore, does not admit that there is a terror threat. A lot of them imagine that voters in Massachusetts elected Republican Scott Brown to the Senate because they are coming around to the thinking of the religious right!

Since I hate both parties (the Republicans slightly more), I have been able to point out to folks just how differently the other side seems to see things. If you get all your news from FOX, you don't know anything. Liberals don't seem to understand how conservatives (ordinary people, not pundits and politicians) view the world and, therefore, misread their motives. I have been surprised in dealling with folks how much they have in common when you get down to their actual views on issues notwithstanding their labels. I have not been surprised at what dupes people are and how they buy talking points hook, line and sinker.

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