Friday, May 09, 2008

The New Jews

Muslims, it seems, are the new Jews. Remember when you used to be able to say all kinds of crazy stuff about the evil Jews and how they were out to run the world or how they were ruining the countries they were in? Now it's Muslims that you can tag with any epithet and ascribe any conspiracy to. Did you know that Muslims drink the blood of Christian babies?

If you are anti-Muslim, and many Muslims are Arabs, and Arabs are Semitic, aren't you also anti-Semitic? Is any criticism whatsoever of an Arab country anti-Semitism? It sure is.

One of my acquaintances reckons that Mexicans are the new Irish. I beg to differ. Nobody ever cursed the Irish but then felt obliged to admit that they sure were hard workers. I reckon that the Russians are the new Irish.

Who are the new Italians? There aren't any. America learned its lesson.

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