Thursday, May 01, 2008

First Hummingbird of 2008!

When I got home from the office yesterday, I spotted a hummingbird at the feeder, the first of the season. He fled when I opened the sliding glass door to let the dogs out. Our resident birds would not have fled even if the dogs or people were standing right by the feeder, so I reckon this was a migrant on his way even further north. We put the feeder out early for the benefit of such migrants, but this is the first sighting of a transient visitor to the nectar silo.

It amazes me to think that these tiny creatures, like little jewels, fly such distances and find their way back to their territories. I envy them their winter homes in warmer climes. If I could swing it, I would stay in Costa Rica until May Day every year and stay in the Hudson Valley only during the pleasant months.

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