Monday, July 25, 2011

Somali and Norway

I spent an idyllic week in Nantucket ignoring the news. Now that I'm back I have two observations. Firstly, I am glad I never got on the bandagon with the "Somalia is the proof that anarchy works" crowd.

Secondly, anti-Islamic wingnuts spend a lot of time arguing that all Muslims are somehow responsible for all Islamist terror because Islam is a religion of violence. Given that, isn't it fair to argue that anti-Islamic wingnuts are culpable for the acts of the anti-Islamic Norwegian nutbag who killed all those people because militant anti-Islamicism is a philosophy of hate?

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Dr. Andrew White said...

As time marches on, I see more and more people drifting to the edge, becoming more intolerant. It would be nice if they drifted to the middle and became more tolerant of differences. Maybe it is a good time to dust off the R-word, as you mentioned last month.

Of course, as a St George chiropractor, I help to re-align joints and spines. I wish I could re-align the psyche as well.