Monday, July 11, 2011

Public Schools

Is it morally wrong for me to enroll my newly acquired daughter in public school while at the same time opposing the coercive organization of education? After all, I have been paying school taxes out the wazoo for years now while reaping no benefit, and the alternative is to pay tuition at a private school in addition to school taxes. I'm going to do it anyway and rationalize it somehow, but I'd prefer to learn that I've still got some antigovernment cred even though I receive a government benefit.


Kevin Carson said...

I think you can make a pretty good case for taking advantage of public services when you've been taxed to pay for them and government funding has at least partially crowded out alternatives. Hell, I used to work at a VA hospital!

The real intellectual gymnastics will probably come from trying to figure out a way to teach your little girl to assume until proven otherwise that everything that she's taught about American history, current events, law and citizenship is bullshit, while also teaching her to avoid hurting her teacher's feelings (or getting social services or DARE after you) by telling teacher "My daddy says what you're teaching me is bullshit."

Vache Folle said...

Luckily my stepdaughter has been exposed to years of Russian anti-American propoganda.