Friday, June 03, 2011

Righteousness and Temptation

It's easy for me to point out how much more righteous I am than Tiger Woods or John Edwards or any other rich and powerful philanderer. I have never committed adultery. Shame on them and hooray for me.

On the other hand, I have never really been tempted in the same way that rich and powerful men are. No Waffle House waitress ever threw herself at me, and none is ever likely to.

Moreover, I don't think that my libido is as powerful as that of these philanderers. Illicit sex just smacks of too much effort as far as I am concerned.


gertie said...
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b-psycho said...

What gets me are the ones who cheat w/ someone clearly lower in attractiveness than their current wife. Is it a matter of a Freakiness Imbalance in the relationship? Or are they just thinking quantity?

OT: just so you know, there's a hosting screwup at my site, so the domain name isn't working. The backup is on my name to this comment.