Monday, March 01, 2010

Snow Story

The snowstorm knocked out our power for almost 48 hours from Thursday evening until Saturday evening. Our big hardships were the lack of running water and an inability to keep the fish tank at a high enough temperature to prevent fatalities. We have a wood stove that keeps the house about 50-55 degrees, and our cooker is propane and can be lit with matches. We have plenty of candles, torches and a lantern for light. But water stopped pumping from our well, and we had to melt snow to get water to flush the toilets. We bought drinking water and water to wash dishes and clean up at the store. There were no shortages or runs on things, but it was hellacious getting anywhere with all the downed tree branches and slippery roads.

We took showers at our gyms when they got power. I had a pit bull for a bed warmer, so we muddled through the inconvenience. We slept more than usual.

I realize that our forebears had no electricty and that they endured it quite well. But they didn't have quality cable programming and the internet to be deprived of. They didn't have to deal with Blackberries with low batteries and tropical fish. And they had facilities for getting along without power, such as hand pumps and outhouses and fireplaces and oil lamps. The better off ones had armies of servants who would provide the comforts we derive from our appliances and modern conveniences. So, really it was much worse for us who are not used to such privations.

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