Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Still Suck

When I went to Montana, I took my music and a CD of the Cherubini Requiem that we're doing for Good Friday. It turned out that I had no time to listen to it or to look at the music, so I am way behind with Holy Week fast approaching. The other tenor better be ready.

I was also going to use the exercise room in the hotel every day. I didn't use it once. That's a setback in terms of my fitness program.

I was going to blog. I didn't.

I was going to eat right. I didn't.

If I had just admitted to myself from the get go that I was going to slack off from everything except the trial, I would be having a lot less self loathing right now. Or would I? I'd probably be full of self loathing for being the kind of person who could slack off without a second thought.

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lemme howdt said...

come visit oregon while yo're here out west - we'll demonstrate the proper way to relax in style