Monday, October 02, 2006

What Are the Odds of an Asteroid Impact on the Capitol?

That fateful January evening was the most spectacular disaster in the history of the federal government, and millions of people watched it live on TV. Just as GW Bush was set to deliver his State of the union speech, the Capitol disintegrated in a huge explosion that devastated everything in a half mile radius and damaged quite a lot in a five mile radius. Fortunately, loss of life outside the center of the blast was relatively low. But both houses of Congress, the entire Supreme Court, most of the Cabinet, and a heap of other dignitaries were completely annihilated.

At first, most folks assumed that the blast was the work of terrorists or a hostile foreign power, but it was immediately determined beyond any scintilla of doubt that the Capitol had been destroyed by a small asteroid. It was clearly an Act of God, and that the object had hit the Capitol squarely just when almost the whole political class was in it seemed to many an unequivocal message of divine disapproval.

Pundits and preachers tried to interpret God’s message. Some said God’s wrath had come down because the United States had not done enough for Israel. Some claimed that it was because of either the treatment or mistreatment of homosexuals. But most folks reckoned that God’s message was clear as a bell. God had smitten the federal government for being the federal government, and nobody much wanted to tempt God by reinstituting it. The acting President, the former Secretary of Veterans Affairs, urged Americans to rebuild, but sentiment against it was too widespread. The people were not in the mood to wage a Global War on God and reckoned that they would content themselves with the 50 states as sovereign entities.

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Anonymous said...

I have dreams related to the future. The fall months always seem to bring it out of me I don't know why. I'm more of a skeptic about the whole thing since it all started in 1999. I'd rather believe that we have free will and that the future isn't written yet. As you can see these experiences are an insult to what I believe however I can't dismiss what I dreamt.

Out of nowhere September 2, 2006 I had a dream like no others I've ever had. I am also used to distinguishing prophetic dreams from regular ones.

The Dream,

The dream started with me walking around my mom's neighborhood out in the street. Something was terribly wrong though. All the houses looked as if they were barely standing and slightly smashed down, even my mom's house. I went inside my mom's house and met an older women I never met standing at the kitchen sink cutting vegetables. I asked what happened to all the houses? She said an asteroid hit the earth. I asked when did this happen? She said 25 years ago. I didn't quite understand or know what to think and thought she was just crazy or something. I then went outside (the back yard) and met this brown haired guy with glasses maybe 40-45 years old tending the vegetables that he was growing everywhere in the backyard. I also noticed all the fences were gone as well and mini crops of vegetable gardens everywhere. I saw this really green looking vegetable on a vine not quite ripened yet and pulled it off its vine. The brown haired guy looked at me and said I hope you are going to eat that because that goes for $5 just for that little thing. He wasn't expecting me to pay for it, he was just pointing out that I shouldn't waste it because food was so scarce. I proceeded to eat the vegetable even though it was not ripened yet. Then I asked the man what year it was? He said “20...” something I couldn't hear him for some reason I don't know why the first time. Then I asked again and he said looking at me strange “its 2032”. Then I asked if there was any warning to this event did we try and shoot this thing out of the sky? He said painfully no there wasn't any warning it just happened.