Monday, April 05, 2010

We bought some plastic storage bins to stash our Christmas decorations and keep the voles from nesting in them. They had the above warning sign on them. I'm not sure what it means. Is it a warning to people that the bin is not suitable for storing a baby? Or do babies like to crawl into stoarge bins and pull the lids down on themselves? A baby that stupid would never understand the warning sign, so I'm guessing this is for adults. Never put your baby in a bin!

I never knew how irresistible babies found buckets. Apparently, they like to stick their heads in them. If they are full of liquid they will drown. I'm not sure those babies are smart enough to heed the warning sign I have seen on buckets that I own.

These were hazards that were never explained to me when I was a wee one. We knew about plastic bags.
We even had a vesre of a song: "Suffocation, we like suffocation. Suffocation, that's the game to play. First you take a plastic bag, then you put it on your head. Go to bed...wake up dead. Oh oh oh oh." We were warned about abandoned fridges as death traps and about the perils of blasting caps. Apparently, it was common back then just to leave blasting caps lying around. Forks and toasters did not mix. We did not fear buckets and bins, however.

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