Thursday, July 21, 2005

Abuse of Power

Sunni Maravillosa at points out that the USG's Solicitor General is claiming that the US is a "battlefield" in the War on Terror and that the USG has the authority to detain anyone it deems an enemy without charges or trial. I regard this as disturbing on so many levels, but what jumps out is the feeling that no American who has any love for his country should willingly advance such an argument. I would like to live in an America where a succession of Solicitor Generals would have resigned in protest before some complete fascist tool could be found to make the case for such power. Alas, the first Solicitor General was apparently already sufficently corrupt, a nod being due I suppose to the White House vetting process. The regime appears to have developed a considerable pool of good fellows ready to sell out their country on a moment's notice.

The president should at least be afraid to make such an argument. In a better world, we would have presidents who would never dream of even wanting the kind of power this regime has usurped. My fellow Americans are not as outraged as they should be, and I fear that the culture of liberty that the country was founded upon has been replaced by slavish devotion to the state. I am profoundly saddened and ashamed of my fellow Americans on this account.

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